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This is a blog dedicated to the beauty of words. And those beautiful words usually come from incredible books. Feel free to submit requests, questions, and comments. This is a no judgement zone. Enjoy :)

"I quote others only to better express myself" -Michel de MontaIgne

Besides being complicated, reality, in my experience, is usually odd. It is not neat, not obvious, not what you expect.
— C.S. Lewis (via simplybookdrunk)

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Do the kinds of things that come from the heart. When you do, you won’t be dissatisfied, you won’t be envious, you won’t be be longing for somebody else’s things. On the contrary, you’ll be overwhelmed with what comes back.
Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie (p 128)

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You wear strength so well, I forget that you have to take it off at the end of the day; still feeling the marks that it leaves on your soul.
— T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)

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May I write words more naked than flesh,
stronger than bone, more resilient than
sinew, sensitive than nerve.
— Sappho (via thewrittenroad)

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Took me a while but I no longer finish bad books!
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Took me a while but I no longer finish bad books!

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Wasn’t that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted.
— Abraham Verghese, Cutting of the Stone (via wordsnquotes)

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You have listened to fears, child,” said Aslan. “Come, let me breathe on you. Forget them. Are you brave again?
— C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian (via butinourstars)

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The truth is rarely pure and never simple.
 Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest (via feellng)

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